Case Study: Taste of Agra

Straight out of the gates Taste of Agra achieved great acclaim and success. The restaurant was booked solid form the day it opened its doors to the public.  Garnering a lot of praise from the local and online community, the restaurant quickly became a prominent part of the Cobourg culture. Within the first three months of being open, the restaurant established itself as the 9th best restaurant in Cobourg. The successful launch wasn’t a mere coincidence, but heavy market analysis, strategic planning and impeccable execution that brought the brand to life and helped distinguish it amongst its peers.

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The Challenge

All of our audits have a heavy emphasis on target markets and understanding the environment in which your business operates. By identifying the characteristics and buying patterns within your target market, we capitalize on key market segments by utilizing geographical and psychological aspects of the target audience’s interest to capture leads which in turn yields to greater sales

The Population of Cobourg, Ontario is roughly 19, 500 of which 80% of the local residents were above the age of 44. Municipal Polling data further emphasized the importance the following market segments had on local businesses. The challenge was to build a brand that catered to the audience’s preferences..

    Market segement behavioural reports indicated the following:

  • Actively seek restaurants that provide healthier options
  • Won’t sacrifice flavour for better nutrition
  • 74% choose a restaurant based on perceived value
  • Prefered fresh, naturally balanced appetizers and small plates.
  • More likley to visit restaurants for dine-in service than takeout
  • Early Birds
  • More emphasis on vegetarian and vegan options due to dietiery restirctions

The Solution

Armed with this knowledge, our creative staff set out to create an exotic brand that would resonate with the local audience instantly. We wanted to elevate the brand by catering to the unique selling points that addressed their needs and wants of the target market. Everything from branding elements to design and platforms were considered in the decision-making process. Our teams worked in unison across multiple initiatives to ensure that every touch point provided relevant and engaging content to the end user.

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The Results

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