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Testing enables to take the guesswork out of generating quality leads. We always install advanced analytical metrics into our products. This enables us to measure the impact of the content on your target audience; ensure that the changes we make lead to positive outcomes. We will shift the business conversation from “We Think to We know”.

Quality Control Check

At Lucrative Media, We believe in a design philosophy of clear clean and concise. Our quality control team goes over your brand with a fine-tooth comb. Our Campaign messaging and marketing initiatives are tested to ensure that they resonate with the target audience. Failing to test your website and its content can mean the difference between acquiring a quality lead or even worse, losing a loyal customer.
We go the extra mile to ensure that the content we produce instills confidence in your target audience and builds loyalty. Our experts examine the content on multiple levels to ensure that the content readability and tone matches the target audience and the content connects with your audience and provides personal fulfillment.
Our senior management team examines every project and marketing campaign to ensure it resonates with your core values and exemplifies your brand image.

A/B Split Testing 

AB testing is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.
This method of introducing changes to a user experience also allows the experience to be optimized for a desired outcome and can make crucial steps in a marketing campaign more effective.
By testing ad copy, we can learn which version attracts more clicks. By testing the subsequent landing page, we can learn which layout converts visitors to customers best. The overall spend on a marketing campaign can actually be decreased if the elements of each step work as efficiently as possible to acquire new customers.

Speed Testing

Loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load and justifiably so. We develop websites that have short load times. We prioritize leveraging cache, compressing images, optimizing code and providing server-side speed upgrades as needed to ensure your website loads fast and your customers stay connected.
We educate the search engine on your business and products and/or to ensure that it brings your website up when your potential customers are searching for your business.

Bug Testing

Faulty websites can not only confuse your audience but also search engines alike, which can often garners distain from both. Search engines have even been known to remove website listings completely because of a faulty website. Bug testing is an essential component to ensuring that your customers are being delivered the right experience every time.
Providing your consumers with quality content optimized for their specific device will help establish and elevate your organization above your competition and allow the consumer to make quick and educated purchase decisions regardless of their devices, or platforms. We vigorously test for our products to ensure they meet or exceed our high expectations.

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Check out how we can help you develop leads right from the get-go. Our experts are here to help you setup social channels, be an emissary for publications and deploy pay-per-click campaigns that develop a strong presence from the day you start.  The launch and promote section feature an array of solutions that we can implement to grow your business quickly.

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